Wicked Tale

Ironically Gill’s Wicked Fruit idea might never have got off the ground if it hadn’t been for the finger-tapping tedium of being bored at Geneva airport waiting for a delayed aeroplane to make a long overdue appearance. Gill’s husband had been looking for a creative way to spend the foreign coins that had accumulated in his pockets when he stumbled upon a box of crystallized oranges dipped in top-notch chocolate.

Whilst acknowledging that the spontaneous purchase was surprisingly sumptuous, Gill was unable to suppress a sneaking suspicion that maybe she could do even better.

As an MBA tutor at the Open University who’d lectured for some years on the theory of managing businesses, Gill realised that the time for talking was over. It was now time to put her lecture notes into practice.

Gill certainly wouldn’t have given up her successful day job for any old entrepreneurial adventure. Gill’s imagination was captured by her husband’s dalliance with dark chocolate highlighting the opportunity to foster memorable relationships between fine fruit and chocolate.