Wicked Occasions

As we all know there are no hard and fast rules about the best time to be wicked. Some of us like to get in touch with our wicked side once in a blue moon, while others of us opt to indulge ourselves more often.

Whilst a number of our wicked disciples come to us when a dinner party is in the offing, others prefer to regularly reward themselves to a ‘me-time’ treat.

Other instances for being wicked include Christmas when secret Santa gifts are in demand, even though traditionally we’ve been told that the run-up to Christmas is a time to be good.

There’s also an immense amount of satisfaction that can be had corrupting the taste buds of your children’s teachers (end-of-term treats) and work colleagues with impromptu acts of indulgence.

In truth wicked thoughts can strike at any time, so it’s probably sensible to keep some of our goodies hidden around the house to be on the safe side.