Wicked Coverage

Whilst it’s probably right to remain modest when we receive lovely letters or kind editorial coverage about our wicked goodies, we find the opportunity to share our good news simply too tempting to resist.

We hope that these kind, impartial thoughts from everyday consumers and informed foodie experts alike will convince you to cold-shoulder your conscience and visit either our online shop or your nearest Wicked stockist at the earliest opportunity.

Speciality Food – March 2009

Fruit Finds its Wicked Side

From the article ‘Sweet Talk’

Combining two favourites, chocolate and fruit, The Wicked Fruit Company has now extended its range, proving that there is still room for innovation, despite the credit crunch. Wicked Fruit has introduced its new crystallised fruit and chocolate collection. Founder, Gill Houston, says that for small companies innovation is the key to survival. ‘Consumers of our chocolate would probably say they just want more nice chocolate – but it is up to us to innovate and find new combinations and presentations’. She adds ‘Our lavender chocs were originally created following a call from a leading lavender farm who was looking to raise its profile whilst our award-winning Hot Chilli Chocs and Wicked Bean Bar both come from collaborations with a well-known hamper company and coffee manufacturer. At this very moment we are working with a conserve manufacturer to produce truffles flavoured with their jams and marmalades.’

Speciality Food – February 2009

Essential Products 2009 – Fruit Fancy

Glum, disheartening words like recession and credit crunch are never easy to swallow in these tough, ‘tighten the belt’ times, but The Wicked Fruit Company has the answer with its gourmet chocs.

Searching for the chocolate-covered lining in every grey cloud, the Wicked Fruit Company says it’s time to remind ourselves that there’s nothing like award-winning, hand-made chocs to cheer up your customers when they’re feeling a little down in the dumps. When the (chocolate) chips are down people need real comfort, not false hope, which is why it steers clear of any artificial flavours or preservatives, opting instead for the best, most indulgent ingredients imaginable.

The Wicked Fruit Company produces a caring collaboration of top-notch chocs and flavoursome ‘feel-good fruit’ meaning that there are two tantalising reasons for you and your customers to share an impeccable sense of great taste with those that matter most.

Great British Food – September 2008

The Sweet Tooth

We all like to indulge once in a while and sweets and chocolates are generally top of the list. We’ve selected five great companies making decadent threats that are sure to get your tastebuds tingling.

Best for Flavours

Do you love your choccies with a twist? The Wicked Fruit Company combines the flavours of delicious fruit with the naughtiness of chocolate to create great tasting treats without artificial preservatives or flavourings. The range includes fruit-decorated chocolate bars, alcohol-soaked apricots and prunes coated in chocolate; chilli or lavender flavoured discs; fresh cream truffles with seasonal fruit flavours and many more delicious specialities such as crystallised oranges and lemons dipped in chocolate.

All The Wicked Fruit Company’s products can be purchased via mail order. You can also find them in delis, farm shops and specialist food retailers.

BBC Good Food Magazine – September 2007

Wicked Fruit Company profiled in the BBC’s Good Food Magazine

Gill Houston, who founded the Wicked Fruit Company in 2002, creates very adult treats by crystallising oranges, lemons, pineapple and ginger, then dipping then in a very dark and delicious chocolate. She also makes milk, white and dark chocolate bars crammed with crystallized apples & pears, summer berries, and oranges & lemons, as well as a range of Seasonal Treats. These are truffles with a ganache flavoured with fruits of the season – look out for juniper berry & blackcurrant in the autumn.