Customised Wickedness

We may well have loads of great ideas as to how to tempt taste buds to stray from the path of painfully predictable indulgence, however we’re by no means alone. Increasingly we find ourselves talking to imaginative third-party clients looking to create something rather special for their customers. Whatever your idea might be, we’re more than happy to sit down and work with you chewing the chocolate until we think of something really extraordinary.

The Hop Shop

The Hop Shop sounds like just the place to have a relaxing rummage around. From humble beginnings when dried hop flowers were very much the flavour of the day, the farm shop, at the Alexander’s family farm in the Darenth Valley near Sevenoaks in Kent, has now extended its expertise to include other dried flowers.

For our sins, we use their lavender oil in our Great Taste Award 2007 winning Wicked Lavender Chocs, whilst their dried lavender flower heads are added to our white chocolate Wicked Lemon & Lavender Bar.

Wilkins Preserves

We’re one of the few companies that doesn’t mind being in a jam, just as long as we are being partnered by England’s premier preserve company, Wilkins, who we’re working alongside to develop the ultimate tasty truffle. Quality assurance is the name of the game here since the respected Wilkins name ensures we’re not left stranded on a sticky wicket.